MVIS Founders
Brent Seevers, Rachel Mindrup, and Greg Summers.
Jeffery Sparks not pictured.
Missouri Valley Impressionist Society was founded in Kansas City in October, 2011 by four artists; Gregory Summers, Jeffery Sparks, Brent Seevers, and Rachel Mindrup. The primary mission was to focus attention on modern impressionism and representational artists.

From what has been observed and experienced in the local art scenes, representational art seemed to have faded, becoming obsolete where an overwhelming market for the nonrepresentational and the abstract were able to gain recognition. Organizations and galleries emphasized the more modern imagery, weakening the support for representationalism---that is the very foundation for all visual art. Weakness can only encourage strength from those who seek support, and the MVIS became a result of that.

​The reason for an Impressionist society was because that was style the majority of representational artists in the area worked in. When the MVIS began and started to grow in the first year, the organization picked up a few realists who also seeked fellowship, and so the exhibitions became a little more-inclusive.

While there are a number of regional and national organizations established across the country that put emphasis on representational art, none were active in the Midwest. There were no painting events, no exhibitions, no fellowship.

When membership opened January 1, 2012, over thirty artists joined in support within the first month. Those artists are the foundation of the society and are recognized as Charter members. They have served as the anchor to help new members with joining and participating.

Over the years, MVIS has seen accomplishments with support for  representational art in its region and has helped promote interest and the renaissance of painting en plein air. 

The Foundation
​for the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society
Recognizing the members of this fine art society that have served as the foundation
​and have helped establish the organization in its beginning. Let it be known, the names
​listed here are the men and women who have made it possible. These are the first
​of the society of artists and therefore considered its Founding Members.
Founders of the Society

Gregory Summers
Rachel Mindrup
​Brent Seevers
​Jeffery Sparks
Charter Members of the Society
Kim Casebeer​​
​Denise LaRue Mahlke
Kimbell McCurry
Allan Chow
Kathleen Selig
Carole Abla
Lola Clark
Susan Lynn, MVIS-S
Tammie Dickerson, MVIS-S
Elaine Lierly-Jones
Susan Wilson
​Desiree Young
​​Lyn Phariss
Chris Willey, MVIS-S
Peter Proctor
Laura Kratz
Debra Joy Groesser
John Grisnik
​Cynthia Haase
​Barbara Benik
Penny Pate Dillon
JennyLynn Gragg
Kathy Drungilas
Brenda Everson-Wiesman
​​Verna Marie Campbell
Fritz Kramer
Susan Righter
Teddy Jackson, MVIS-S
Darla Zook, MVIS-S
Kathleen Neff
Cathy Kline, MVIS-S
Anne Garney
Larry Brooks
Patricia Thomas
John Ulett
Eileen McCoy