Signature Status is a valuable credential that gives additional importance to ones stature as an artist. This is a widely recognized significant honor offered in most major art organizations. It denotes a high level of artistic proficiency within an organization.

The classification of Signature Status in the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society (MVIS) is reserved for a member in good standing who must demonstrate that he/she consistently paints with exceptional skill in Impressionism, is active in the group, and well represents the organization through their work.
The MVIS shall convene a Signature Status Review group once a year to evaluate interested applicants to determine Signature Membership.
If conferred, the interested applicant and/or honoree may forthwith begin using MVIS-S behind his/her name—and would be encouraged to do so. 

Signature members are given their own exhibition biennially. 

Signature members are required to renew their membership annually to maintain their status within the organization.

​MVIS Signature Membership was developed by Brent Seevers, MVIS.

Brent Seevers, MVIS
Signature Membership Chair

Interested in Signature Membership?

Download Requirements and Application:  pdf file
MVIS Signature Members
Cathy Kline, MVIS-S
Chris Willey, MVIS-S
Mike Flora, MVIS-S
Jane Flanders, MVIS-S
Larry Degraff, MVIS-S
​Cody Wheelock, MVIS-S​​
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