Membership is open nation wide to all who paint, love, and support impressionism throughout our river valley.  Studio and plein air artists are equally welcome. 

Our artist membership fee is an annual $35, running Jan. 1 - Dec 31 of the calendar year. 

A Patron Membership is offered for those who support our mission.

Member Benifits

Artist membership benifits include:

  • Receive our seasonal online newsletter, "The Missouri Valley Impressionist."
  • Become part of our network and recieve invites to painting events.
  • The ability to host small group painting events within our organization, plein air or studio.
  • Receive discounts on MVIS Workshops taught by regional or national known artists.
  • Receive special discounts on MVIS sponsored workshops by our members.
  • Participation in MVIS exhibitions across our region.  These group exhibits offer opportunity for artists to exhibit together and in communities that you may not otherwise exhibit in.
  • Make new friends and experiences with other like-minded artists.

Though non-members are welcome to participate in certain events hosted by the organization or its members, participation in MVIS exhibitions are limited to members only.

Signature Status (MVIS-S)

Signature Status is a valuable credential that gives additional importance to ones stature as an artist. This is a widely recognized significant honor offered in most major art organizations. It denotes a high level of artistic proficiency within an organization.

The classification of Signature Status in the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society (MVIS) is reserved for a member in good standing who must demonstrate that he/she consistently paints with exceptional skill in an impressionist style, is active in the group, and well represents the organization through their work.
The MVIS shall convene a Signature Status Review group once a year to evaluate interested applicants to determine Signature Membership. If conferred, the interested applicant and/or honoree may forthwith begin using MVIS-S behind his/her name—and would be encouraged to do so. 

Signature members will be required to renew their membership annually to maintain their status within the organization.

Master Artist (MVIS-M)

Master Artist Status is reserved for members within the Missouri River Valley Region that are in good standing, paints in an impressionistic style, demonstrates a high level of professionalism in their work, are leaders in the art community, and are passionate enough to give back to the society and/or region by sharing their knowledge and skills. 

Master Status is the highest honor within the MVIS and is bestowed only by the Founders/Directors of the society.
The MVIS is able to convene a Master Status Review each year to evaluate potential members who may qualify for Master Membership.  This honor is given by invitation only.
Honoree's may forthwith begin using MVIS-M behind their name---and would be encouraged to do so.

Patron Membership
Patrons are defined as those who love, support, and enhance the arts.  Patron Membership is available to individuals, families, or organizations who support the MVIS and its mission through contribution.  These contributions are helpful and are used to fund juried exhibitions and opening receptions, as well as workshops by Master Artists.  We recognize our Patrons and appreciate their support no matter how large or small. 

This membership is divided into four levels based on size of contribution.
Bronze------Less than $200         Silver------$200 - $499          Gold------$500 - $999
Platinum------$1000 or more

Members of the MVIS - 2018
Current list of members in each state.  This list may be helpful for members who have interest in finding other fellow members nearby for organizing painting activities (en plein air, atelier, exhibits). 
MVIS: Founder        Charter: Charter Member        MVIS-S: Signature        MVIS-M: Master

Becky Christenson
Julie Hayes
Diana Shearon

Kathryn Bradley

Karen Cooper
Charles Thompson

Miguel Malagon
Spencer Meager

Fred Doloresco

Carole Alba, Charter
Beverly Amundson
Kathleen Anderson, Charter
Chris Chapin
Lauren Chapin

David Cooper
Sharon Defreece
Jane Flanders, MVIS-S
Doug Frye
John Grisnik, Charter
Neil Hayes

Debra Jeffry
Elaine Lierly-Jones, Charter
Melissa Jones
Cally Krallman
Stacy Krieg
Susan Lynn, MVIS-S
Monique McElwee
Marilee Means
Susan Poitevin
Susan Rose, MVIS-S
Carol Rubsam
Virginia Simmons

Jacqueline Smith
Gregory Summers, MVIS
Cathie Thompson
Vicki Thompson
Jane Willhouite

Dennis Heckler

Marsha Alexander
Joseph Almendariz
Irene Baltrusaitis
Lauren Baral
Mark Baral
Francine Bizal
Colette Brumbaugh
Candace Castle
 Adam Clague 
Andrea Clague
Mary Conway
Kay Crain
Mary Datum
Larry DeGraff
Tammie Dickerson, MVIS-S
Sandra Dodson
Alicia Farris
Daniel Fishback
Jane Flanders, MVIS-S
Mike Flora, MVIS-S
Erlene Flowers
Jennylynne Gragg
Wanda Greene
Elaine Haake
Patrick Henning
Teddy Jackson, MVIS-S
Linda Kinder
Cathy Kline, MVIS-S
Michael Kornblum
Sherri Lilly
Catherine Mahoney
Vicki Mastis
Karen Miller

Margie Moss
Susan Neese

Brent OConnor
Christi Patterson
Lyn Pharis
Jon Schroeder
Brent Seevers, MVIS
Elizabeth Shattuck
Richard Sneary
Judy Stang
Diane Stolz
Barbara Todd
Rebecca Tombaugh
Sherre Wichmann
Chris Willey, MVIS-S 
Marcia Willman
Desiree Young
Darla Zook, MVIS-S

​​ Nebraska
Lori Elliott-Bartle
Beth Cole
Brenda Everson-Wiesman, Charter
Debra Groesser, Charter

Marilyn Hanson
Cheri Ginsburg
Tom Kerr
Monica Maxwell
Katrina Methot-Swanson
Rachel Mindrup, MVIS
Anne Pape
John Thein
Cody Wheelock
Robin Zagurski
New Mexico
Dianna Shomaker