1. Rachel Mindrup, MVIS
    Rachel Mindrup, MVIS
    MVIS Co-Founder/Director/Exhibition Coordinator Omaha, NE
  2. Greg Summers, MVIS
    Greg Summers, MVIS
    MVIS Co-Founder/Director/Treasurer Overland Park, KS
  3. Brent Seevers, MVIS
    Brent Seevers, MVIS
    MVIS Co-Founder/Director of Marketing & PR/Signature Membership Chair St. Joseph, MO
  4. Cody Wheelock
    Cody Wheelock
    Membership Director/Signature Membership Committee Omaha, NE
What we do.
The Directors are the governing body of the organization and run the operations that keep the society going. They make the decisions, plan, schedule and coordinate events, as well create and maintain the MVIS organization's image. 

The Missouri Valley Impressionist Society is still fortunate to have three of its four Founders as part of its administration.
​​The philosophy of this administration is for MVIS to be a more-inclusive organization, but with certain limits. We believe we can be an Impressionist Society, yet still offer exhibiting opportunities for our fellow painters who's work is more in tune with realism.

​Our mission may be to promote the appreciation and development of Impressionism, but the whole purpose of MVIS was to enhance interest and appreciation for representational art in communities where they seemed less significant and less favored. At the time of our founding, Kansas City (a major art community in the Midwest) was at a new renaissance with art, stressing influence on the nonrepresentational and abstract. During our venture, we just happen to pick up a few other types of representational artists on the way.

While some may contradict our representation through exhibits, the majority of our membership is, and has always been, Impressionistic.​ The organization has always leaned toward the style by promoting numerous events that are in favor of modern day/contemporary Impressionists.

​It will be up to future administrations whether or not to continue with the more-inclusive trend.

--- Brent Seevers, MVIS
​    Director of Marketing & PR
Volunteers are always welcome to assist with some of our operations and events.
Mike Flora, MVIS-S

Social Media Promotor
  • Instagram
Event Co-Coordinator
  • MVIS Annual Juried Art Show
Cathy Kline, MVIS-S

MVIS Promotor
​Special MVIS Events Coordinator
Owner of Cathy Kline Art Gallery
  • ​A center for MVIS members in the Kansas City Metro.
  • ​Providing paint sessions, worshops, and exhibiting space.
Karen Cooper

Event Co-Coordinator
  • MVIS Annual Juried Art Show

Diana Shearon

Event Co-Coordinator
  • MVIS Annual Juried Art Show